Enimation box, english

The Enimation box is a great device for learning about the making of animation. The wooden box serves as a recording stand for the camera and the base for the animated film scene. The box also includes materials to make 5 antique optical toys with instructions. The set is suitable for both school groups and home use.


The ENIMATION box set contains:
■ a wooden box that serves as a recording stand for the camera as well as a base for the
animated film scene.
■ material for making the thaumatrope
■ material for making the folioscope
■ material for making the flip book
■ material for making the phenakistoscope
■ material for making the zoetrope

The set does not include a light.


ENIMATION BOX, Optical toys
OPTICAL TOYS are devices that play with our vision. With their help, our brain perceives a series of static images, one shown quickly after another, as a continuous moving image. Research into optical toys began in the early 19th century, which later led to the invention of animation. Creating moving images is magical, so we are happy that you are entering this wonderful world with us. The box of optical toys offers 5 different devices that helped people explore how vision works.

Let’s try them ourselves!

Let’s assemble a wooden box. The box will help us with recording the image under the camera or in front of the camera. How? Use your phone or tablet and follow the enclosed instructions. Research and explore animation online or attend an animation class to learn more about the process of making animation, film language and other interesting facts about animation.

The films that we create can be submitted to the ENIMATION film festival. Every year, the international Children and Youth Film festival ENIMATION invites young creators under the age of 19 from all over the world to present their films. Join us!


How to assemble the recording stand?
When making an animated film, it is very important that the recording device (still camera, camera, phone, or tablet) is mounted properly and does not move during the recording. A recording stand is therefore an indispensable device. The film set also needs suitable lighting. You can use a variety of LED lights, hand-held lights, headlights, or table lights to achieve this. Assemble the included stand carefully at a 90° angle, as shown in the illustration. Carefully
disassemble it and store it in the box.

The Enimation Box was created in cooperation with Zavod MARS Mariboor (Maribor Institute MARS), the Association for Film Culture Development and KreatorLab Maribor.